I primarily operate in Rome and across the national territory, tailoring my services to the specific needs and growth strategies of each company. My expertise spans from consulting on BTL communication development strategies to the design and execution of sponsored events.  Team Building/Meeting/ Gala Dinner

I cultivate partnerships with top-tier professionals and niche companies, establishing an exclusive network of services catered specifically to golfers. 
Always sensitive to Charitable and Socially Useful Initiatives, I offer my Consultancy pro bono to Non-Profit Organizations and Associations for fundraising campaigns and Charity Events.
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Just as every company represents a unique "story" and reality of its own, each golf club represents a distinct "world"

Analysis > Core Business id > Targeting > Proposal > Event

Sponsoring a golf tournament or a series of events through K Fol Golf Mode goes beyond mere presence and visual communication. It represents a pathway to continuous growth and development, exclusivity, and customer loyalty. Each event is meticulously tailored by me to be unique, unconventional, and of high profile.

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PARTNERSHIPS & Exclusive services for golfers

By collaborating with niche partners, I establish a specialized and exclusive service channel exclusively designed for the golfing community.

Would you like to join me as partners? Don't hesitate to contact me!

Are you golf players? Would you like to participate in my events? Visit the events page

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Are you looking to arrange a conference, a team building event, or a corporate dinner? Irrespective of the industry, I can assist you in transforming your vision into reality at exclusive venues. Backed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals, I meticulously handle every aspect, ensuring attention to detail.

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I provide support to non-profit organizations and associations in the planning and execution of charitable events. Over the course of many years, I have collaborated extensively with AIL Milano, actively participating in numerous fundraising initiatives and charity events.